In December 2011, I began a position as a research scientist at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.

See my new web page at NYU

The page below remains for archival purposes.

Oct 2011: To be a member of POPL 2013 PC.
Jun 2011: To be a member of SPAA 2012 PC.
May 2011: Accepted researcher position at NYU.
Mar 2011: Our paper was accepted to CAV'11.
Oct 2010: Our paper was accepted to POPL'11.
Sep 2009: Our paper was accepted to POPL'10.
Jan 2009: Our paper was accepted to PLDI'09.
Feb 2008: Awarded the Gates Scholarship

Eric Koskinen
I am a Ph.D student at the Univeristy of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, jointly supervised by Byron Cook and Mike Gordon. I am funded by the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. I received my Sc.M from Brown University, where I worked with Maurice Herlihy.

In my research, I develop new mathematical methods for making software safer and more efficient, and apply those methods to realistic computer systems. In recent years I have accomplished this in two ways. First, I have improved programming languages by introducing new language features which are, by design both safer and more efficient. In particular, I am concerned with language advances which enable engineers to safely produce software which consists of parallel computation (e.g. my work on Transactional Boosting and Coarse-Grained Transasctions). Second, I have developed static and dynamic analysis techniques in order to better understand the performance (e.g. discovering symbolic complexity bounds), understand the behavior (e.g. request tracing in BorderPatrol), discover bugs and formally prove correctness of programs (e.g. proving LTL properties with decision predicates).





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