Lent 2011

Supervision 1

  1. Interactive Websites: 2008 P7 Q14 (a)
  2. Business Models and Valuations: 2007 P7 Q14
  3. Large Websites: sketch a possible infrastructure of a large website such as Facebook. Then, discuss when it is more beneficial to use companies and services such as Akamai, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3) and when it is not.
  4. Network Externalities: what are network externalities? If your startup is affected by network externalities, what can you do about it?
  5. Website UI: search engine friendliness is important in getting your website promoted. How would you design a website that is search-engine-friendly?

Supervision 2

  1. Security and Law: 2002 P7 Q5 (b) and (d)
  2. Passwords: E-Commerce sites often involve user accounts and passwords. Consider various risks, how would you implement the password management aspect of a website? (Possible questions to think about include "how would the password be stored in the database?" and "what if users forget their passwords?")
  3. Phishing Sites: what are possible preventative and reactive measures you can take against a phishing site impersonating your business?
  4. SSL/TLS (https pages): why is it important? Where/when should you use it?
  5. Software Protection: your business has a software component. How would you make sure that only the paid users can use it?