Computer Laboratory

Dongting Yu - Supervisions

Business Studies

Lent 2011

Supervision 1

  1. Debt and Equity: 2009 P7 Q6 (a)
  2. Cash Flows and Balance Sheets: 2009 P7 Q6 (b)
  3. Business Plans: 2001 P8 Q5 (a), (b), and (d) (you are welcomed to come up with your own enterprise idea instead of the given one)
  4. Investor Relations: 2008 P7 Q13 (a)
  5. Intellectual Property: for the business idea in 3, which different types of intellectual property are involved?

Supervision 2

  1. Distinctions: 2008 P7 Q13 (b) and (c)
  2. Market Analysis: 2008 P7 Q13 (d)
  3. Company Valuation: 2002 P9 Q5 (b)
  4. Gantt and Pert Charts: sketch a Gantt chart and a Pert chart showing plans and milestones of your Part II Project. Indicate the critical path. (If you do not have a Part II Project, use the business idea that you used in Question (3) of Supervision 1.)
  5. Company Growth: Research into the history of Facebook and Amazon. If you were to take over running these two companies today, how would you grow them? Use everything you learned in this class to make it convincing, and back it up with numbers/estimations if possible.