Examinable material

When I sayI meanLearn it by
Understand "Understand the term ergodic" means that, if I use the word "ergodic" in a question, you need to comprehend what I'm describing. Read the relevant section of the notes. If there's anything that confuses you, look it up or ask someone for help.
Know You need to be able to reproduce this section of notes from memory, without thinking Copy it out. Copy it out again, but in your own words. Copy it out again from memory. Keep doing this until you get it right.
Be able to You need to (1) state what you're doing, (2) explain any special terms in what you've stated, (3) do it. For example, "Be able to fit distributions" means you should answer a question by writing "I will fit the XXX distribution to this data by writing out the likelihood function and maximizing it with respect to parameters YYY and ZZZ", then state the density of XXX is and the likelihood function, then go ahead and maximize it. Solve problems. Whenever you quote a result in your answer, make sure you know exactly what assumptions underly that result, e.g. what model it comes from.