Dr. D J Greaves: PhD Students.

If you want to prepare to read for the PhD under my supervision you might benefit from a working knowledge of FSharp, MetaEdit+ and SystemC and from using LaTeX.

Current Research Students

Although these students appear to cover a lot of ground, one could note that most have something to do with managing spatial issues in terms of the placement and movement of loads between components.

  • Mr Jonathan Kimmitt (ARU) - Design of reliable embedded systems.

    Previous Research Students:

  • Dr Ali Zaidi - Spatial layout and incremental compilation for parallel computation in hardware and software.

  • Dr Jukka Lehtosalo - Toolchains for rapid prototyping with post-hoc type inference and security refinement.

  • Dr Milos Puzovic - H/W S/W bridging models for multi-threaded load balancing.

  • Dr Aisha Elsafty - Application and middleware primitives that span both managed and ad hoc scenarios.

  • Dr Stephen Kell - Specification and synthesis of adaptors for software components.

  • Dr Behzad Bastani - Requirements engineering (and synthesis?) for dynamically-bound and evolvable systems.

  • Dr Atif Alvi - Controlling pervasive domains with ontologies and rules in AutoHan.

  • Dr Anil Madhavapeddy - Online and static formal validation of legacy software.

  • Dr Sang Bum Suh - HomePNA MAC Design.

  • Dr Alberto Fernandes - Crosstalk in xDSL.

  • Dr Umar Saif - XML directory services and extensible embedded systems.

  • Dr Richard Bradbury - Home Automation.

  • Dr Yannis Papaefstathiou - Real Time Compression Hardware.

  • Dr CK Toh - Ad Hoc Radio Networks.

  • Dr Jennifer Li Kam Wa - Tail distribution estimation for traffic management.

    PhD candiates that I have examined:

  • Dr Sean Rooney - Open signalling in the control plane

  • Dr PM Naylon - MIMO Radio MAC Protocols

  • Dr Peter Kim - Link-Level Resource Reservation

  • Dr Silvia Breu - Cross-cutting aspect mining

  • Dr Paul Menage - Thread-level accounting in run time systems

  • Dr Andrew Moore - Network Traffic Measurement

  • Dr Warner - Access switching

  • Dr Mark Spiteri

  • Dr Daryl Stewart - Combined simulation semantics for Verilog and VHDL

  • Dr CAM Festin - Buffer Management

  • Dr Malcolm Sellars - Spatial diversity spread spectrum radio

  • Dr Richard Sharp - SAFL/SAFL+ hardware description language

  • Dr Tim Granger - Optical networks

  • Dr Michael Dales - FPGA Acceleration with time sharing

  • Dr Tom Kelly - Stable TCP

  • Dr Dritan Kaleshi - IPv6 in the home.

  • Dr Rob Hague - Tangible control and multi-view programming

  • Dr Simon Frankau - SASL, an HDL using lazy lists

  • Dr Scott Fairbanks - High Precision Timing Circuits

  • Dr Julian Chesterfield - Joint Coding for Wireless Multimedia

  • Dr Sarah Thompson - Program Analysis and Transforms in High-Reliability Electronics

  • Dr Ford-Long Wong - Cryptography: authentication protocols and securing the MAC layer

  • Dr Arnab Banerjee - Flows in Power-Efficient Networks-On-Chips

  • Dr Seema Khalid - Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM

  • Dr Dan Greenfield - Rent's Rule Updated and Expanded

  • Dr Weisi Guo - Power Allocation for Co-operative Wireless Networks

  • Dr Jonathan Mak - Program parallelisation based on profiling

  • Dr Boris Fegin - Interpretational overhead in system software

  • Dr Matthew Jakeman - Transport Protocols (IPV6 based)

  • Dr Leo White -

  • Dr Andreas Koltes -

  • Dr Peter Calvert - Join Calculus Compiler Intermediate Code

    There are a few more. If I have missed you off, please let me know. Thanks.