Desislava Hristova

PhD Student, Networks and Operating Systems Group
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge



I am a second-year PhD Candidate under the supervision of Dr. Cecilia Mascolo. Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant at UCL under Dr. Licia Capra after I graduated from the MSc Computer Science program there. My main research interest is in multilayer geo-social networks (social networks embedded in physical space where more than one type of link exists between nodes), with applications in urban and social systems. I also have a long-standing fascination with the dynamics of crowdsourced online communities such as Wikipedia and OpenSteetMap.

Other Roles.

I am a member of Murray Edwards College and Computing Officer of the MCR, and also Web Coordinator for our departmental women@CL group. Please contact me with any relevant queries.


Keep Your Friends Close and Your Facebook Friends Closer: A Multiplex Network Approach to the Analysis of Offline and Online Social Ties, 2014. (pdf)
Hristova, D., Musolesi, M., Mascolo, C.
The International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) 2014.

The Life of the Party: Impact of Social Mapping in OpenStreetMap, 2013. (pdf)
Hristova, D., Quattrone, G., Mashhadi, A., Capra, L.
The International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) 2013.

Community Mapping: A Matter of Trust? In Press.
Hristova, D., Beeharee, A., Capra, L.
In Improving Personal Mobility in Urban Environments through Intelligent Multimodal Routing. IGI Global Publishing, 2013.

Mapping Community Engagement with Urban Crowd-Sourcing, 2012. (pdf)
Hristova, D., Mashhadi, A., Quattrone, G., Capra, L.
Where the City Meets the Citizen Workshop at ICWSM 2012.


Office FN06
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thompson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD