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Seminars and meetings

In addition to the departmental Wednesday talks, several local research groups also organize seminar series and weekly discussion groups. Talks in these are often targeted at a more specialist audience, but are also open to the general public.

Weekly timetable

Day Time Seminar/Meeting Room Contact
Monday 12:45 Semantics Lunch FW26 Peter Sewell
14:00 DTG Meetings FW26 Andrew Rice
Tuesday 13:00 Networks and Operating Systems group meeting FW11 Henry Robinson
13:00 Automated Reasoning Lunch SS03
Thomas Tuerk
14:30 OPERA FW11 Pedro Brandao
16:15 Security Seminar Series LT2 Joseph Bonneau
Wednesday 14:15 Wednesday Seminar Series LT1 Stephen Clark
16:15 Hardware Discussion Group SS03 Simon Moore
Thursday 13:00 women@CL lunch talks (monthly) FW26 Mateja Jamnik
14:15 Graphics & Interaction Group (Rainbow) SS03 Peter Robinson
16:00 Networks and Operating Systems Seminar Series FW26 Eiko Yoneki
Friday 12:00 Natural Language and Information Processing SW01 nlip-seminars@
14:00 Logic and Semantics FW11 Tom Ridge
15:15 Cambridge Programming Research Group GS15 Robin Message
16:00 Security Group Meeting FW11 Markus Kuhn
17:00 Happy Hour FC24 Thomas Tuerk

An increasing number of the presentations given at these meetings is announced via the website:

Wednesday seminars

Wednesday Seminar in Lecture Theatre 1

The “Wednesday talks” are the department's main seminar series. These talks take place on most Wednesdays during term, in Lecture Theatre 1 of the William Gates Building. They start at 14:15 and last about 45–60 min.

The talks are held by both distinguished external speakers as well as members of the department. They are targeted at anyone with a background in computing, in particular also students. Topics span the full range of computer science and beyond.

We would like to thank Kodak Research for a gift to support some of our travel costs.

For further information about the Wednesday seminar series contact Stephen Clark.

Upcoming talks

For the complete current timetable, please see the entry on the website:

Past talks

Click here for seminars before Michaelmas term of 2004.

From 2007 on, Wednesday seminars have been recorded digitally and are available online. VHS video tapes of earlier Wednesday talks (and a TV to watch them) are available in our library. We ask speakers to fill out and sign a consent form before any recording, to clarify how widely we can make each recording available.