Computer Laboratory


The Computer Laboratory has over 200 research workers: academic staff, research associates, and PhD students. Research is carried out across a broad range of subjects within Computer Science. This work is conducted primarily in small research groups, described below.

Some general information about the Computer Laboratory can be found in the department’s Blue Book, which also provides an overview section that outlines of the work undertaken by each research group, with links to group members’ web pages.

Research groups

Multi-group projects


Some of the many research publications produced by members of the Laboratory can be accessed via the department’s publication database.

The Laboratory has published its own Technical Report series since 1974. Many of these reports are available online. Most of the PhD dissertations prepared at the Computer Laboratory have been published in this series.

There are also publication lists on personal and research-group web pages. (Our old FTP archive also has a few documents, mostly dating from the early nineties.)


The Laboratory runs a series of seminars on Wednesdays in term. They are open to all members of the University and other interested parties. The individual research groups also run seminars and group meetings. Details of these can be found on the weekly seminar timetable.

Research degrees

The PhD is the primary research degree offered in the Computer Laboratory. The Cambridge PhD is a three-year programme of individual research on a topic agreed by the student and the Laboratory, under the guidance of a staff member as the student’s supervisor. There is no compulsory course work, and students are expected to complete the substance of their research by the end of their third year. Information on application for admission ...