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This is a selected list of ecsym publications.

Precursor material

See the page of ecsym-precursor publications and notes.

Recent publications

  • On concurrent games with pay-off. Pierre Clairambault and Glynn Winskel.
    Submitted. pdf.

  • Strategies as profunctors. Glynn Winskel
    Submitted. pdf.

  • The winning ways of concurrent games. Pierre Clairambault, Julian Gutierrez and Glynn Winskel.
    LICS 2012. pdf.

  • Graphs, rewriting and causality in rule-based models. Vincent Danos, Jerome Feret, Walter Fontana, Russ Harmer, Jonathan Hayman, Jean Krivine, Chris Thompson-Walsh and Glynn Winskel.
    In Proc. FSTCCS 2012. pdf.

  • Winning, losing and drawing in concurrent games with perfect or imperfect information. Glynn Winskel
    In Proc DK2012, Springer LNCS 7230, dedicated to Dexter Kozen on his 60th birthday, 2012. pdf.

  • Containment in rule-based models. Chris Thompson-Walsh, Jonathan Hayman and Glynn Winskel.
    In Proc. SASB 2011, ENTCS. pdf.

  • Constraining rule-based dynamics with types. Vincent Danos, Russ Harmer and Glynn Winskel.
    To appear in MSCS. pdf.

  • Deterministic Concurrent Strategies. Glynn Winskel
    An earlier version of a paper which appears in Formal Asp. Comput. 24(4-6) (2012). pdf.

  • Concurrent Strategies. Silvain Rideau and Glynn Winskel.
    LICS 2011. Corrected version. pdf.

  • On the expressivity of symmetry in event structures. Sam Staton and Glynn Winskel.
    LICS 2010. pdf.