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Cătălina Cangea

I'm a first-year PhD student within the Artificial Intelligence Group of the Computer Laboratory, where I am devising new machine learning (especially deep learning) algorithms for health and environmental risk challenges, supervised by Dr Pietro Liò (with Dr Mateja Jamnik as my second adviser) and affiliated with King's College.

I graduated from the Computer Science Tripos at the University of Cambridge in 2016 with a First Class result and also hold an MPhil degree (with Distinction) in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, as of July 2017.


Cangea, C., Veličković, P. and Liò, P. (2017) XFlow: 1D-2D Cross-modal Deep Neural Networks for Audiovisual Classification. Workshop on Computational Models for Crossmodal Learning (CMCML) at The 7th Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (IEEE ICDL-EPIROB 2017). [arXiv preprint] [poster]
This work was also presented at the ARM Research Summit 2017, in the poster session.

Academic involvement

Each year at the beginning of December, Cambridge colleges carry out admissions interviews for the Computer Science Tripos. This process can last anywhere between a few hours and a whole week(!!!), depending on the number of applicants. I have interviewed CST applicants in 2016 (for Murray Edwards College - a surreal experience, given that only 4 years before I was sat at the same desk, on the opposite side, during my own admissions interview :-)...) and in 2017 (for King's College).

Currently supervising Andrew Wells for his Computer Science Tripos Part II Project Deep Learning for Music Recommendation.

Also supervise(d) the following undergraduate courses for Murray Edwards College and King's College:


Cross-modality in Deep Learning for Audiovisual Classification. Computational Biology Group Meeting, 22 January 2018. Department of Computer Science, University of Cambridge

Work experience and other projects

Research internships:

Software engineering internships:

  • July-September 2016, Facebook London, LogDevice team. I optimised client operations on a RocksDB database and implemented a new API required by another team in Facebook.
  • July-September 2015, Facebook New York, iOS Product Infrastructure Team. I worked towards delivering a better experience for users of the Facebook iOS app. My project aimed to reduce the time taken to load content close to the area currently being viewed on screen, by improving the prioritization system for network requests.
  • June-September 2014, Google Zurich, YouTube Uploads team. I added processing progress for video uploads on several YouTube pages, as the Upload page was the only one displaying this information.

I also took part in Hack Cambridge, winning third place in 2017. We showed that you can trick a face recognition system quite easily, if you've got access to the neural network architecture!

Outside the department :-)

At the start of my fourth year in Cambridge, I took up rowing and was a member of Darwin College Boat Club until October 2017, racing in Lent Bumps as part of the Women's Second Boat. (In Easter term, however, my main priority was to pass on to the PhD with a Distinction, which made me quit training for May Bumps.. but I did at least bank party!) I'm currently training with the Women's First Boat in King's College Boat Club for May Bumps 2018.

My relentless lifelong passion is music - I play piano and guitar, having been part of Paper Playground (keyboards and backing vocals) ever since early 2017. We perform at pub gigs and the Open Mic nights in Darwin College, having opened for its May Ball in 2017 and currently aiming for a lot more in 2018!


Cătălina Cangea
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