Claudio Angione

Computer Laboratory

I am a final year PhD student supervised by Dr Pietro Lió


(Great) news!

Invited talk at CNR-IAC, Naples (May 2014)

Invited talk at the Vienna University of Technology - TU Vienna (December 2013)

Heidelberg Laureate Forum! Abel-, Fields-, Nevanlinna- and Turing- Laureates!
I am one of the 100 students invited across all the undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates worldwide! [list of participating Laureates] [photo gallery]
[with Vincent Cerf] [scientific concert]
[talking with Charles Bachman (pardon my back)]
[laureates parade] [laureates parade 2]
[Image Film]

Paper "Pareto Optimality in Organelle Energy Metabolism Analysis" published in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics!

Paper "A Design Automation Framework for Computational Bioenergetics in Biological Networks" published in Molecular BioSystems!

Tutorial at ECAL 2013 in September!

American Chemical Society Introducing our authors!

Best paper award at The Alan Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester!
Award presented by Sir Roger Penrose! [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo]

Anile Prize 2011 for the best thesis at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Catania!

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