Bence Pásztor

Churchill College
University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
William Gates Building
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD
+44 (0)1223 331858
Dr. Cecilia Mascolo
Research Projects:


I received my Bsc in Computer Science from the University College London. Now I am a Phd candidate working on Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks in the Networks and Operating Systems group. So far I have been involved in the networking of such systems. I spent a considerable amount of time with SCAR - Sensor Context-aware Adaptive Routing protocol for mobile wireless sensor networks.
I am also interested in the operating systems running on resource constrained devices - especially Contiki and Cooja. Recently I started working on protocols needed to disseminate code-updates to the nodes of mobile WSNs. I am also working on energy efficient protocols to aid the management of such a network.
My main application scenario is Wildlife monitoring, where the sensors (attached to animals) need to be small in size - therefore limited in memory, energy and cpu speed - and work for a long time without human intervention in remote areas. In order to design energy-efficient protocols, I am studying animal mobility to see if their movements can be used to enhance delivery. I am working on the Tmote Sky and Meshnetics mote platforms. As I am very interested in real-world deployments, I gained some first-hand experiences working with custom-built embedded devices (such as hardware desing, driver programming).
I spent the autumn of 2010 working with Dr. Pan Hui at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories on wireless sensors in smart homes.
My CV can be downloaded from here.




I usually try to spend all my free time with my family and friends - they really keep me going! Additionally, I love doing sports such as swimming, skiing, cycling, hiking, and I also love travelling! I was fortunate enough to have lived in some of the most amazing places in our solar system, such as Budapest, London, Cambridge and Berlin. I have also spent some amazing time in Tihany (probably the most beautiful place on Earth;)), Oxford, Poland and Saudi. Strangely enough, I also enjoy playing with sensors;)
You might find some pictures here.
I am on the internet on facebook,, linkedin and iwiw.
My Erdős Number is 5 (as far as I know): Bence -> Cecilia Mascolo -> Anthony Finkelstein -> Dov Gabbay -> Sharon Shelah -> Erdős Pál


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