Project I: Remote Control of a Computer using Java on a PDA

Project Goal

It should be possible to remotely control presentations and other PC programs using a Bluetooth enabled PDA (such as a new Palm handheld) using the PDA as a remote mouse and keyboard.

Project Summary

VNC is a program which allows lightweight In this project, the student would program a simple VNC client in Java for the Palm KVM; this would map stylus input on the Palm screen into mouse movement on the computer, and button presses to mouse clicks. It would then use the VNC protocol to communicate these to the computer.

This could be further extended, to allow text input via graffiti or an on-screen keyboard, and to improve responsiveness by extrapolating stylus velocity when sending pointer commands to the PC. Note that the project differs from PalmVNC because of its focus on input and responsiveness (from a local PC), instead of remote control and display via a modem.


Some knowledge of Java; Access to a Palm OS handheld preferable





Palm Bluetooth Net Access with Windows:


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Last updated: 9/10/02