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Alex Katovsky

Alex Katovsky

I was a PhD student in the Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory supervised by Professor Glynn Winskel between 2010 and 2016. I received funding from an EPSRC Doctoral Training Studentship.

My thesis "Games as Factorization Systems" can be found here. The broad area of my work is known as denotational semantics. Quoting from my thesis, denotational semantics is

a mathematical "representation theory" of computational processes. The idea behind it is to represent, or "denote" terms of a formal programming language – which describe particular computational processes – by mapping them into a suitable mathematical domain. If this representation is sufficiently tight then we may in fact take the mathematical domain of program denotations to be the space of processes itself – so that the study of such processes can take place in the mathematical domain, a space which is hopefully easy to manipulate and conceptualise. An analogy may be made with Newtonian physics – where points in physical space are represented by vectors in R3, so that all the conceptual and manipulative power of Cartesian geometry can be brought to bear in formulating Newtonian laws and solving the resulting equations of motion.

My work concerns technical aspects of a particular mathematical model which could someday be used in a denotational semantics for a very general and abstract notion of computational process.

I can be contacted at alexander (dot) katovsky (at) cantab (dot) net.