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Excursion to Bletchley Park

The programme for CiE 2012 starts on June 18th with an excursion to Bletchley Park, the center of British codebreaking efforts in WW2. The academic part then begins on the 19th. The excursion is now fully booked. Travel from Cambridge to Bletchley Park and back will be via coach and will take about 1h 30min.
Bletchley Park


We will depart from the Queens Road Coach Stop (Earlier wrong information was given here!) at 9am. The excursion will end at the same location, although there will be locals leading the way to the New Museums Site, where a registration desk will be available.
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History of Bletchley Park:

Besides Cambridge and Manchester, Bletchley Park was a prime site of Alan Turing's work. Here he developed the Bombe, an electro-mechanical computing device designed to counteract the Germans' Enigma encryption machine during the Second World War. Now Bletchley Park features a museum surrounded by a park landscape. Details can be found at Bletchley Park's website.
the Bombe rebuilt

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