Recent Publications

Blackwell, A.F. (in press). SWYN: A Visual Representation for Regular Expressions. To appear in H. Lieberman (Ed.), Your wish is my command: Giving users the power to instruct their software. to be published by Morgan Kauffman, 2000

Blackwell, A.F., Jansen, A.R. and Marriott, K. (2000). Restricted Focus Viewer: A tool for tracking visual attention. In M. Anderson, P. Cheng & V. Haarslev (Eds.), Theory and Applications of Diagrams. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1889. Berlin: Springer Verlag, pp. 162-177.

Blackwell, A.F. & Green, T.R.G. (2000). A Cognitive Dimensions questionnaire optimised for users. In A.F. Blackwell & E. Bilotta (Eds.) Proceedings of the Twelth Annual Meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, 137-152

Blackwell, A.F. & Green, T.R.G. (1999). Does Metaphor Increase Visual Language Usability? In Proceedings 1999 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages VL'99, pp. 246-253.

Blackwell, A.F. & Green, T.R.G. (1999). Investment of Attention as an Analytic Approach to Cognitive Dimensions. In T. Green, R. Abdullah & P. Brna (Eds.) Collected Papers of the 11th Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG-11), pp. 24-35.

Blackwell, A.F., Whitley, K.N., Good, J. and Petre, M. (in press). Cognitive Factors in Programming with Diagrams. To appear in Artificial Intelligence Review, special issue on Thinking with Diagrams.

Project background publications

Blackwell, A.F. (1998). Metaphor in Diagrams. Unpublished PhD Thesis, Cambridge University.

Blackwell, A.F. (1996a). Metaphor or Analogy: How Should We See Programming Abstractions? In P. Vanneste, K. Bertels, B. De Decker & J.-M. Jaques (Eds.), Proceedings of the 8th Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, pp. 105-113.

Blackwell, A.F. (1996b). Metacognitive Theories of Visual Programming: What do we think we are doing? In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages, pp. 240-246.

Blackwell, A.F. (1996c). Chasing the Intuition of an Industry: Can Pictures Really Help Us Think? In M. Ireland (Ed.), Proceedings of the first Psychology of Programming Interest Group Postgraduate Student Workshop, pp. 13-24.

Blackwell, A.F. (1997). Diagrams about Thoughts about Thoughts about Diagrams. In M. Anderson, (Ed.) Reasoning with Diagrammatic Representations II: Papers from the AAAI 1997 Fall Symposium. Technical Report FS-97-02. Menlo Park, California: AAAI Press, pp. 77-84.

Blackwell, A.F., Ed. (1997). Thinking with Diagrams Discussion Papers. First UK Workshop on Thinking with Diagrams, Portsmouth UK, January 1997.

Green, T.R.G. and Blackwell, A.F. (1996). Ironies of Abstraction. In Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Thinking. British Psychological Society.

Robinson, P., Sheppard, D., Watts, R., Harding, R. & Lay, S. (1997). A Framework for Interacting with Paper. In D Fellner and L Szirmay-Kalos (Eds) Proceedings of Eurographics '97.

Simos, M. & Blackwell, A.F. (1998). Pruning the tree of trees: The evaluation of notations for domain modeling. In J. Domingue & P. Mulholland (Eds.), Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, pp. 92-99.

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