Michaelmas supervision work

Supervision 1 - Prolog(1)

This supervision will focus on Prolog basics and backtracking. Please watch the lecture content for Sessions 1,2 and 3, 4 before the supervision.

Complete exercises up to the end of Session 4. Please hand in your answers to review questions too so that I can see you are attempting them.

Supervision 2 - Sofware Engineering(1)

For this course you'll need to write essays. I leave it to you to find a good length - make sure you write enough to cover all the points. You should always plan your essay before you write it. I want you to hand in your plan as well as your essay to prove to me that you've done that!

Software development models

Failed software engineering projects

Supervision 3 - Prolog(2)

Complete the remainder of the exercises from the question sheet.

Supervision 4 - Sofware Engineering(2)

Complete 2009-3-8, 1996-11-1

(Remember to also hand in your planning notes and to write the best answer you can by drawing on the notes and other resources)

Supervision 5 - C/C++(1)

Complete the exercises for the first 4 Lectures from the supervision work handout

Supervision 6 - C/C++(2)

Complete the questions for the C++ part of the course.