Kionas: cloud batteries for the HTML5 Mobile WebDevice

Online-presence applications at zero cost built for the open web device. Integrating deep network knowledge with the open standards to reduce the energy and network signaling costs of always-connected applications.

In collaboration with Yan Grunenberger, Konstantina Papagiannaki, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Vijay Erramilli, Dionysios Logothetis, Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez and David Wetherall

RilAnalyzer: a Comprehensive 3G Monitor On Your Phone

A tool that provides mechanisms to perform network analysis from within a mobile device. RILAnalyzer is capable of recording low-level radio information and accurate cellular network control-plane data, as well as user-plane data. Such data can be used to identify previously overlooked network and connectivyt management issues and infer how the different configurations interact with application logic, causing network and energy overheads.

In collaboration with Narseo Vallina-Rodrigue, Yan Grunenberger, Konstantina Papagiannaki and Jon Crowcroft

RESTless: never pull again (and save)

An early stage effort to reduce the waste of mobile device content polling. These operations are a major cost for device energy consumption and for network resources, however complexity of mobile networks is too high for most developers to take into account. This project aims at levering Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) to bridge the gap between low-level network details and application logic in a way that is efficient and simple to manage.

Past Projects

Signposts: End-to-End Networking in a World of Middleboxes

Authenticated, privacy aware, signaling infrastructure built on top of DNS. Provides end-to-end connectivity between named devices using a tactics engine. Currently in preparation.

In collaboration with Jon Crowcroft, Anil Madhavapeddy, Andrew Moore, Richard Mortier and PhD students Sebastian Probst Eide, Haris Rotsos, and Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez

SmartTowers: Next-Generation cellular networks for cloud computing

SmartTower is an architecture for next generation cellular networks, (e.g. LTE) - adding computational resources to the cellular network infrastructure by adding commodity servers to cell towers and the evolved packet core. In the project we consider the ways in which the core benefits of LTE, i.e. low-latency, higher bandwidth and all-packet based network, could be used to create an efficient infrastructure for mobile cloud computing.

In collaboration with T-Labs, Jon Crowcroft, Steven Hand

ThinkAir: Unleashing the Power of Mobile Cloud Computing

ThinkAir project is a framework that makes it simple for developers to migrate their smartphone applications to the cloud. ThinkAir exploits the concept of smartphone virtualization in the cloud and provides method level computation offloading. It focuses on the elasticity and scalability of the server side elements and enhances the power usage of mobile cloud computing by parallelizing method execution using multiple Virtual Machine (VM) images.

ThinkAir provides an effcient way to perform on-demand resource allocation, and exploits parallelism by dynamically creating, resuming, and destroying VMs when needed.

In collaboration with Sokol Kosta, Pan Hui, Richard Mortier, Xinwen Zhang

EmotionSense: A Mobile Phones based Adaptive Platform for Experimental Social Psychology Research

EmotionSense is a framework for collecting data in human interaction studies based on mobile phones. EmotionSense gathers participants' emotions as well as proximity and patterns of conversation by processing the outputs from the sensors of off-the-shelf smartphones. This can be used to understand the correlation and the impact of interactions and activities on the emotions and behavior of individuals. In terms of system design, the key characteristics of this framework areprogrammability (social scientists can describe the sensing tasks using a declarative language), and run-time adaptation (social scientists can write rules to activate and deactivate sensors according to the user context).

In collaboration with Cecilia Mascolo, Mirco Musolesi, Peter Jason Rentfrow, Kiran Rachuri, Chris Longworth