I am a PhD student in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. I also received my BA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge in 2011. I am a member of the Networks and Operating Systems group, part of Systems Research Group, working with Prof. Jon Crowcroft as my supervisor. My PhD was partially sponsored by Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Research Interests

Mobile Systems and Applications
Energy Efficient Communications
Wireless Network specific software optimisation
Wireless communications protocol adaptations

Professional Experience


Telefonica I+D, Internet Systems and Networking Group, Internship

2012 September - 2013 January

My work in Telefonica Research included in-depth analysis of current mobile application communication patterns, their inefficiencies and the impacts they have on a 3G network as well as energy consumption of the mobile device they are running on. It furthermore included proposing a set of optimisations and prototyping a solution on the Firefox OS platform.


Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Internet Network Architectures group, Internship

2011 August - 2011 September

During the short period of time I took on a few projects that would later blend into my PhD work. The projects were related to mobile cloud computing: cellular infrastructure improvements for more efficient code offloading as well as improving machine-to-machine communication efficiency through virtualization, cloud and code offloading.

2010 June - 2010 August

During the time I initiated the ThinkAir project and implemented its core functionality. The project concerned dynamic code offloading to cloud computing facilities, based on the environmental properties and resource requirements, to improve smartphone performance and battery life. It strongly reinforced my interest in mobile technologies and led to starting a PhD in mobile cloud computing.


Atea Baltic, Software Development division, Internship

2010 August - 2010 September

During the internship I was working on modifying a few large-scale business applications, requiring to rapidly understand application logic and find the best solutions for the modifications required, as well as quickly learn the unfamiliar technologies.

Cambridge Computer Laboratory

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Network and Operating Systems Group, Mobile Systems team, Internship

2010 June - 2010 August

During the summer I worked on the EmotionSense project. The goal of the project was to create a mobile phones based platform for experimental social psychology research. I was involved with the project from the very beginning, which meant creating the core of the system that would be used later, as well as determining what information about user's environment could possibly be extracted and how


National Students Academy, Volunteering

2008 July - now

Having spent four years in the academy myself, I have volunteered in the organisation a number of times since. I have tried to help whenever I felt like my help would really be beneficial

I have given lectures on computer operating systems to the Computer Science students in the academy as well as on topics related to identity development to all students. I shared my views and experience with the board to help develop the academy further and most recently I helped to participate in the European e-volunteering competition, where we won the second prize.


Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club, Sponsorship Team

2008 October - 2011 October

In CUTEC I primarily helped with fundraising activities for the organisation's entrepreneurship-related events, which involved communicating with company representatives and working in a team to meet the goals on time.



2006 - now

I have worked on a variety of small to medium sized web projects over the years. Most of the work I have done was a rather long time ago and I barely have time for such work now. However, I do consider new opportunities if I find the projects interesting.

Since I was still in high school when I started, I had the opportunity to learn valuable skills very early: communicating with clients, organising my time very well and working both individually and in small, self-organised teams.

You can find my CV here