Computer Laboratory

Information for current students

This page contains information for students currently taking the Computer Science Tripos and the MPhil in ACS. There is a separate page for PhD students.

Course information for Bachelor and Master students

Material for Bachelor students (CST Part IA, IB, II)

Resource material

  • Computer systems
  • Software
    • We encourage students who use their own PC to install Linux on it.
    • Students (and staff) benefit from special cost-free licences for some commercial software products:
      • The University has bought from MathWorks a MATLAB and Simulink site license which also covers use on home computers by staff and students.
      • Microsoft makes selected operating systems and development tools freely available to staff and students of the Computer Laboratory, under the Microsoft DreamSpark for Academic Institutions programme. You will receive the account details needed by e-mail in the Michaelmas term after arrival. Please ensure you keep a record of all licenses issued to you, as they cannot be retrieved after you leave the department. This scheme does not cover Microsoft Office and is not available to students from other departments or faculties.
  • Library
    The facilities provided by the Computer Laboratory's library.
  • Online services
    Mailing lists, newsgroups, student-operated web sites, etc.
  • Upper limb disorder/RSI/OOS
    Information on typing-related injuries (part of the main Laboratory safety page).
  • Policy statements relating to students
    Official policy statements released by the Head of Department.
    Transferable skills are regarded as particularly important; see the Laboratory's summary of skills acquired by undergraduates and the University's page on transferable skills.

Information for prospective students

If you are considering applying to Cambridge to study Computer Science as an undergraduate or our MPhil in Advanced Computer Science then look at our information for prospective students.