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Project suggestions from the Digital Technology Group

Step Length Detection using Magnetometers

Supervisor: Rob Harle

There is a growing interest in detecting how far someone has moved using simpple, cheap sensors. To date, accelerometers have proved useful in estimating the time between steps (Nike ipod+, various phone algorithms). However, accelerometers are prone to drift when a person is milling about and the mapping of step frequency does not always map easily to step length, This project would investigate a novel technique to estimate the step length based on the speed of the foot during walking. The speed would be estimated using magnetic fields measured using a magnetometer. The project will be primarily about developing and evaluating the platform, trying to find the best setup to estimate length from frequency.

Classifying Foot Contacts

Supervisor: Rob Harle

The Lab has a wireless sensor system developed to be worn by athletes. The platform has enabled us to gather data from the shoes worn by athletes during running. We use a custom insole containing pressure sensors, from which we can can estimate which parts of the foot hit the floor and when. This project would involve a study of the features inherent in the data stream with the intention of automatically classifying each foot step (walking, jogging, accelerating, decelerating, etc). The are many extensions, including the use of accelerometers, magnetometers, and the application in less controlled environments. The project would suit someone with a reasonable knowledge of signal processing and an interest in classification algorithms.