Slides and notes for Computer Systems Modelling Course

Slides and notes for the Computer Systems Modelling Course 1996-7

Computer Systems Modelling


Two formats are available for each set of slides. The dvi format doesn't include the postscript figures which are occasionally used. The postscript format is psmulti compressed to 4 logical pages per physical postscript page. This saves space when you print the slides, which are in a non-dense format.

  • Queueing Theory (dvi.gz)
  • Queueing Theory (ps.gz)
  • Operational Analysis (dvi.gz)
  • Operational Analysis (ps.gz)
  • Discrete Event Simulation (dvi.gz)
  • Discrete Event Simulation (ps.gz)
  • Notes

    Here are the notes (gzipped postscript only)

  • Queueing Theory (ps.gz)
  • Operational Analysis (ps.gz)
  • Discrete Event Simulation (ps.gz)

  • Some example questions for the course are here.

    Pearls of Modelling Wisdom

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When lambda is big then rho is too
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