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Part II CST SoC D/M Slide Pack 3 (Design Partition)

  • Architectural Design: Partition and Exploration
  • H/W to S/W Interfacing Techniques
  • Conservation Cores Approach
  • H/W Design Partition
  • Chip Types and Classifications
  • IC Taxonomy
  • Semi-custom (cell-based) Design Approach
  • Cell Library Tour
  • Gate Arrays and Field-Programmable Logic.
  • FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
  • PALs and CPLDs
  • H/W versus S/W Design Partition Principles
  • An old partitioning example: An external RS-232/POTS Modem.
  • Typical Radio/ Wireless Link Structure.
  • Partitioning example: A Bluetooth Module.
  • ASIC costing.
  • Structured ASIC
  • Xilinx Zynq Super FPGA