Learners' Guide: What Was Lectured and What Do I Need to Know ?

Please read the Syllabus for this course. That is the definitive/baseline guide. Further information is on this current page and will be updated as we go.

Memorise the details of the IEEE single-precision floating point but treat all denormal numbers as zero.

Understand the worst case error propagation rules and be able to use them on some examples.

Regarding the algorithms lectured, detailed coding is unlikely to be asked about but candidates must have full knowledge of their purpose and general behaviour:

How much of the final section of the course will be lectured is currently uncertain: this page will report that when known.

Minor Notes

In part 10, I have used the terms bucket, capacitor and tank interchangeably, but colloquial electronic speak, the term 'tank' normally denotes a parallel combination of a capacitor and an inductor. Also part 10 is actually describing a core mechanism from the way the SPICE simulator works, but I did not use that term.