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Login and Setup Shell Env Vars

If you are running on MCS/PWF linux, then set up was as follows

  ssh -X linux.pwf.cl.cam.ac.uk (or login from console)
  export SOCDAM=/ux/clteach/SOCDAM
  export SYSTEMC=$SOCDAM/systemc-2.2
  export PATH=$PATH:$SOCDAM/bin  

However, I have now (2013) upgraded to SystemC-2.3.0 and put the setup information in the Makefile.inc file which is included by the Makefile of each class/exercise.

If you are running on CL MPhil linux, then set up as follows

  ssh -X slogin-mphil.cl.cam.ac.uk (or login from console)

The shell env vars can also be set at the head of each makefile, but this is redundant duplication.

(C) 2008-10, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.