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Folding, Retiming & Recoding

The time/space fold and unfold operations trade execution time for silcon area. A given function can be computed with fewer clocks by 'unfolding' in the the time domain, typically by loop unwinding (and predication).

   LOOPED (time) option:               | UNWOUND (space) option: 
   for (i=0; i < 3 && i < limit; i++)  |  if (0 < limit) sum += data[0] * coef[j];
     sum += data[i] * coef[i+j];       |  if (1 < limit) sum += data[1] * coef[1+j];
                                       |  if (2 < limit) sum += data[2] * coef[2+j];

Sharing structural resources may require additional multiplexers and wiring: so not always worth it.

A good design not only balances structural resource use between clock cycles, but also timing delays.

We can retime a design with and without changing its state encoding. Adding a pipeline stage can increase the amount of state without recoding existing state.

(C) 2008-10, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.