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Part II/Diploma Project Suggestions, 1998-1999

This is the envelope that was used to jot down all the project ideas that arose in the Bath Ale House on Friday, May 8, 1998. Sorry if this blatant lack of technophilia is disturbing from a bunch of compscis, but you still can't beat backs of envelopes as real thinking aids...

Some of the ideas are valid projects, others are ``interesting.'' Click on the envelope to see it in more detail. For a slightly more legible version see the short form list. Fuller descriptions of projects will gradually be added to this page as and when people find the time - i.e. some of the more interesting ideas may only be on the short list.

Please note that these project ideas range in difficulty from the trivial to the downright impossible. (As ever, it is left to your own discretion to decide which is which!) Presence on the list does not in any way imply suitability as a project, or availability of a willing project supervisor.

For those interested in attempting any of these projects, some or all of the following web pages should provide useful background information:

Project enquiries to:

Austin Donnelly,
Stephen Early,
Dickon Reed,

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  • Physically Distributed Games
  • Pre-fetching Web Cache
  • QoS Firewall
  • QoS Aware Web Server
  • Adaptive Web Serving
  • Halting Problem
  • Proving Correctness of `C' Programs

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    Richard Mortier, Cambridge Computer Laboratory,

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