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This page collects together various Part II project suggestions from the Network and Operating Systems part of the Systems Research Group. In all cases there is a contact e-mail address given; please get in touch if you want more information about the project.

Under construction: Please keep checking back, as more ideas will hopefully be added to this page during the coming weeks.

Note: there are a number of stumbling blocks in Part II project selection, proposal generation and execution. Some useful guidance from a CST alumnus (and current NetOS PhD student) is here.

Current project suggestions

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Contact: Name Surname(with Name2 Surname2)

Project description here

More description here References
[1] Authors here, Title here, Venue here, date here.

Pre-requisites: Pre-requisities go here.

More Systems Projects at the DTG Project Page

Contact: Rip Sohan

Please see the DTG project suggestions page for a number of interesting systems projects.