Theory Acc

theory Acc
imports Main
(*  Title:      ZF/Induct/Acc.thy
    Author:     Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
    Copyright   1994  University of Cambridge

section ‹The accessible part of a relation›

theory Acc imports Main begin

text ‹
  Inductive definition of ‹acc(r)›; see @{cite "paulin-tlca"}.

  acc :: "i => i"

  domains "acc(r)"  "field(r)"
    vimage:  "[| r-``{a}: Pow(acc(r)); a ∈ field(r) |] ==> a ∈ acc(r)"
  monos      Pow_mono

text ‹
  The introduction rule must require @{prop "a ∈ field(r)"},
  otherwise ‹acc(r)› would be a proper class!

  The intended introduction rule:

lemma accI: "[| !!b. <b,a>:r ==> b ∈ acc(r);  a ∈ field(r) |] ==> a ∈ acc(r)"
  by (blast intro: acc.intros)

lemma acc_downward: "[| b ∈ acc(r);  <a,b>: r |] ==> a ∈ acc(r)"
  by (erule acc.cases) blast

lemma acc_induct [consumes 1, case_names vimage, induct set: acc]:
    "[| a ∈ acc(r);
        !!x. [| x ∈ acc(r);  ∀y. <y,x>:r ⟶ P(y) |] ==> P(x)
     |] ==> P(a)"
  by (erule acc.induct) (blast intro: acc.intros)

lemma wf_on_acc: "wf[acc(r)](r)"
  apply (rule wf_onI2)
  apply (erule acc_induct)
  apply fast

lemma acc_wfI: "field(r) ⊆ acc(r) ⟹ wf(r)"
  by (erule wf_on_acc [THEN wf_on_subset_A, THEN wf_on_field_imp_wf])

lemma acc_wfD: "wf(r) ==> field(r) ⊆ acc(r)"
  apply (rule subsetI)
  apply (erule wf_induct2, assumption)
   apply (blast intro: accI)+

lemma wf_acc_iff: "wf(r) ⟷ field(r) ⊆ acc(r)"
  by (rule iffI, erule acc_wfD, erule acc_wfI)