Transport Server.

Britain's Public Transport Data made accessible.

For developers

The United Kingdom's public transport data is dispersed and difficult to access. Transport Server aims to be a central access point for all of Britain's public transport data.

Using Transport Server your can develop applications that take advantage of public transport data.

For transport operators

Increase the accessibility of your public transport. Making your data available through Transport Server allows local residents to access information more easily on the move. For example, the miniBus application for the Android mobile phone allows users to retrieve real-time bus arrival information.

If you are interested in working with us we'd love to hear from you—please e-mail

Starting using Transport Server

To start using Transport Server, you will need an API key.


Once you have a developer key, head to our developer guide to learn how to query and interpret responses from Transport Server.


Transport Server currently covers every bus stop in Cambridgeshire.

Who runs Transport Server

Transport Server is the product of a summer research project by David Tattersall, a student at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. The Computer Laboratory continue to run Transport Server and we're working hard at bringing more data providers to the service.

Thanks to Alastair Beresford, Andy Rice and all participating councils and transport operators.