Release notes

Learn! v1.4 is due to be released to the Android Market within the next few days. What have we added to/fixed in this version?

  • improved UI: the UI was slightly modified to let the users navigate within the app more intuitively (this was done by making more use of options and context menus than before).

  • improved notifications mechanism: now you will get an ongoing notifications once you start downloading/uploading/updating the collections and another one once this is done.

  • regaining author rights to a collection: changed/reinstalled your phone and found yourself unable to update the collection you have previously shared? It is not a problem anymore - simply download collection from the web server, click on More information in the context menu of the collection, then press Menu button and tap on Regain author rights. App will automatically check whether you were the person who previously uploaded the collection and give back the rights to edit and update the collection. Note: you have to be logged in to use this feature.

  • media files are hidden away from MediaScanner: media files of various collections that you download from now on will no more get mixed up with your other media files. Note: we could not get this done for the collections that are on your phone at the moment of updating to v1.4 due to a bug in Android's MediaScanner.