Computer Laboratory

CamFort Live Service

CamFort is a tool currently under development at the Computer Laboratory. It provides both 1) analyses for gathering data on the programming patterns common in scientific models and 2) automatic refactoring for improving the code quality of existing models. The first tool provides data to inform future language designs to better support the scientific process and to understand the limits of best-practise automatic program analysis. The second tool automatically refactors deprecated or dangerous programming patterns, with the goal of helping to meet the core quality requirements outlined above, such as maintainability. For example, our tool refactors EQUIVALENCE and COMMON blocks). The tool also helps to expose any programming bugs arising from bad programming practices.

To download CamFort and find more information about the project please visit the project page.

This site allows you to try CamFort without needing to install it on your machine. To get started please upload a zip file containing the source code you wish to analyze. This code will be stored on our servers and we may use it in future to test new analysis techniques. We will never share your code or extracts from it with others without your permission. If you have concerns about this then we encourage you to download CamFort and run it directly on your own servers.

Getting started

You should prepare a zip file containing the code which you want to process with CamFort. Please include Fortran source files only in the file.