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The Teleporting System


An alternative approach to mobile computing is one in which application interfaces, rather than the computer on which the applications run, are able to move. The Teleporting System is a tool for experiencing such `mobile applications'. It operates within the X Window System, and allows users to interact with their existing X applications at any X display. This `teleporting' is achieved by a `proxy X server' which is able to dynamically re-route the input and output of a set of X applications to any X display.

More Information

You can read about the Teleporting system in more detail in the papers Teleporting - Making Applications Mobile and Teleporting in an X Window System Environment. These are part of our on-line library of technical reports and papers.

Virtual Network Computing

The Teleporting System has now been superseded by Virtual Network Computing. VNC is a cross-platform, ultra-thin client system. It is publicly available, including source code, under the terms of the GPL licence.

The X Window System is a trademark of the X Consortium

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