Computer Laboratory

OCaml Labs

Name Version Description
aio 0.0.3 Linux kernel AIO access library for ocaml
annot 1.0.0 annotation parser for external editors and IDEs
cdrom 0.9.1 Query the state and contents of CDROM devices under Linux.
cohttp 0.11.2 HTTP library for Lwt, Async and Mirage
conduit 0.5.0 Network connection library for TCP and SSL
cow 0.10.0 XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and Markdown syntax and libraries
cowabloga 0.0.6 Simple static blogging support.
crunch 1.3.0 Convert a filesystem into a static OCaml module
cstruct 1.1.0 access C structures via a camlp4 extension
ctypes 0.2.3 Combinators for binding to C libraries without writing any C.
dns 0.8.1 DNS client and server implementation
dnscurve 0.1.0 DNSCurve protocol for DNS queries over a secure channel
dyntype 0.9.0 syntax extension which makes OCaml types and values easier to manipulate programmatically
ezjsonm 0.2.0 An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library
ezxmlm 1.0.0 Combinators to use with XMLM for parsing and selection
fd-send-recv 1.0.1 Bindings for sendmsg/recvmsg that allow Unix.file_descrs to be sent and received over Unix domain sockets
github 0.8.5 GitHub APIv3 client bindings
glical 0.0.3 Glical: glancing at iCalendar data.
higher 0.1 Library for higher-kinded programming.
io-page-unix 0.9.9 Allocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
io-page-xen 0.9.9 Allocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
io-page 1.1.1 Allocate memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
ipaddr 2.4.0 IP (and MAC) address representation library
libvhd 0.9.0 OCaml bindings for the C library 'libvhd' which allows the manipulation
libvirt Libvirt is a portable toolkit to interact with the virtualisation capabilities of Linux, Solaris and other operating systems.
mirage-block-xen 1.1.0 Mirage block driver for Xen that implements the blkfront/back protocol
mirage-clock-unix 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Clock library for Unix
mirage-clock-xen 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Clock library for Xen
mirage-console-unix 1.0.0 A Mirage-compatible Console library for Unix
mirage-console-xen 1.0.2 A Mirage-compatible Console library for Xen
mirage-fs 0.6.0 Mirage filesystem utilities
mirage-net-direct 0.9.4 TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml
mirage-net-socket 0.9.4 Socket-based networking stack compatible with Mirage
mirage-net 0.9.4 Mirage TCP/IP networking stack
mirage-types 1.1.2 Module type definitions for Mirage-compatible applications
mirage 1.1.2 The Mirage library operating system
mirari 0.9.7 Mirage application builder
mpp 0.1.5 A preprocessor meant to blend languages.
nbd 1.0.1 Network Block Device (NBD) protocol native OCaml library
oasis-mirage 0.3.0a This is a fork of OASIS with support for native output-obj.
omd 0.9.7 A Markdown frontend in pure OCaml.
opam-doc 0.9.3 Produce documentation for OPAM packages
opam-sync-github-prs 1.0.0 Sync OCaml GitHub issues with OPAM
orm 0.7.0 The ORM library provides a storage backend to persist ML values.
pcap-format 0.3.3 read and write pcap-formatted network packet traces
qmp 0.9.1 OCaml implementation of a Qemu Message Protocol (QMP) client
rpc 1.5.0 A library to deal with RPCs in OCaml
shared-memory-ring 1.0.0 Shared memory rings for RPC and bytestream communications.
sodium 0.1.0 Binding to libsodium UNAUDITED
travis-senv 1.0.0 Utility to manipulate Travis CI secure environment variables
tuntap 1.0.0 TUN/TAP bindings
uri 1.6.0 RFC3986 URI parsing library
vhd-format 0.7.0 A pure OCaml library for reading and writing .vhd format data with a particular emphasis on efficient streaming and format conversion.
vhd-tool 0.7.1 A command-line tool to manipulate, transcode and stream .vhd format data.
websocket 0.8.1 Websocket library
xen-api-client 0.9.6 Xen-API client library for remotely-controlling an XCP or XenServer host.
xen-block-driver 0.2.5 Xen disk device drivers: both client ("frontend") and server ("backend")
xen-disk 1.2.1 A command-line tool for attaching disks to VMs running on a xen host.
xen-evtchn 1.0.1 Xen event channel bindings.
xenbigarray 1.0.0 Portable Bigarray intended for embedded Xen use
xenctrl 0.9.8 Low-level xen hypercall bindings.
xenstore_transport 0.9.2 Low-level libraries for connecting to a xenstore service on a xen host.