The UIS have recently made available reduced cost access to Business Dropbox available via normal purchasing means.

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Advait Sarkar receives highly commended award at VL/HCC 2016

Advait Sarkar has received a highly commended award at the 2016 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) for his paper ‘Visual discovery and model-driven explanation of time series patterns’.

The paper is joint work with Alan Blackwell, Mateja Jamnik and Martin Spott.

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Raspberry Pi has sold 10 million computers

Raspberry Pi has announced that, over the last four and a half years, ten million computers have been sold.

To celebrate the milestone, Raspberry Pi has launched “the perfect bundle.” The official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit contains a Raspberry Pi 3, an 8GB SD card with the NOOBs operating system preloaded, an official case, a 2.5 amp power supply, a one meter HDMI cable and bundled mouse and keyboard.

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Terminal Server access now requires VPN

Following a number of brute force password attacks against our Windows Terminal Server hosts these have now been restricted to only accept connections from clients within the University network. If you need to access them from outside that network then first connect using a VPN.

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Professor Andy Hopper named a Royal Society Premier Medallist

Professor Andy Hopper CBE FREng FRS has been awarded The Bakerian Medal and Lecture 2017 for his outstanding research in computer technology, with significant economic impacts, in particular his work in computer networking and sentient computing systems with an aim to providing sustainability.

Professor Hopper will be presented with a medal, and a gift of £10,000 at the Premier Awards dinner in autumn 2016. The associated prize lecture will be delivered in spring 2017.

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ssh-dss .dsa user ssh host keys to slogin-serv

The new Ubuntu 16.04 slogin-serv services do not accept the legacy ssh-dss (DSA) public key algorithm.
Any users having problems with their user ssh keys should try connecting to slogin-old using the -v switch to check which key is used.
If it is .dsa, please generate a new key and add it to .ssh/authorized_keys, check that it works on slogin-serv, then remove the old .dsa key and its .ssh/authorized_keys entry.
Remember never to copy the private key – it should only ever remain where it is generated.

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Royal Society publishes new report on cybersecurity research

The Royal Society has published a new report on cybersecurity research.

Professor Andy Hopper, co-chair of the working group who wrote the report, said “We are entrusting more and more information about ourselves to digital systems and that is shifting the balance between personal security and national security. Although ‘backdoors’ into devices and systems can help security services, they also increase the opportunities for criminals to break in. As the stakes for individuals get higher, they may be less likely to accept this trade-off. This also means we may want oversight of cybersecurity to be in the hands of more open and transparent public bodies. The government is already taking welcome steps towards greater openness, but the UK should consider whether it should go further in the future.”

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slogin server partial upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

Subsequent to the move of slogin-serv to Ubuntu 14.04, another server has been added, which runs Ubuntu 16.04, accessible as slogin-new.cl.cam.ac.uk, which has been in service for a while now without any reported problems. It is now being added to the slogin-serv.cl.cam.ac.uk pool, so users may get Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04. The hope is that it should not matter, and when we are confident that 16.04 is suitable, the pool will move to being just 16.04.
If you find something which requires 14.04, please connect to slogin-old.cl.cam.ac.uk and email the details to sys-admin

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Professor Andy Hopper receives the ACM Sigmobile Test-of-Time Award

Professor Andy Hopper has received the ACM Sigmobile Test-of-Time award for “The active badge location system.”

The paper is joint work with Roy Want, Veronica Falcao and Jonathan Gibbons.

The SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time awards recognize papers that have had a sustained and significant impact in the SIGMOBILE community over at least a decade.


The award was presented to Professor Andy Hopper at ACM MobiSys on June 29th, in Singapore.

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Mariana Marasoiu receives honourable mention at EuroVis 2016

Mariana Marasoiu has received an honourable mention at EuroVis 2016 for ‘Clarifying Hypotheses by Sketching Data’.

The paper is joint work with Alan Blackwell, Advait Sarkar and Martin Spott.

Mariana is a member of the Rainbow Graphics & Interaction Group under the supervision of Professor Alan Blackwell.

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