Testing new slogin / ssh-remote server

The main Lab Linux TSS is currently running CentOS 5. We plan to move to Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, so have set up a testing server “sandy” (AKA slogin-new and ssh-remote-2.cl.cam.ac.uk). Please try it out and report any problems to sys-admin.

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Lab PhDs awarded Google European Doctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Flora Ponjou Tasse and Ionel Gog who have been awarded a Google Europe Fellowship.

Flora, a PhD student in the Graphics and Interaction Research Group under the supervision of Professor Neil Dodgson, has been awarded a Fellowship in Computer Graphics.

Ionel, a PhD student in the Systems Research Group, under the supervision of Dr Robert Watson, has been awarded a Fellowship in Distributed Systems.

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Xen Server upgrade to 6.2

The last main pool of Virtual Machines will be upgraded (6.0 to 6.2) soon, probably over the Bank Holiday weekend. Attempts to do a “smooth” migration failed for the last three pools, so this time it will not be attempted. The downtime of each machine should be short, but there will be some unavailable disruption to logged in users. Please email sys-admin if you have any particular availability requirements over the weekend.

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www-dyn(1) upgrade

The server providing the www-dyn1 and www-dyn services is to be upgraded. Users are recommended to check that any pages they publish work on the www-dyn2 and www-dyn3 servers. See http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/local/web/personal.html#www-dyn for full details.

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Professor Andy Hopper featured in the Sunday Times list of the 100 most influential Britons of the 21st century

Andy Hopper, Head of Department and Professor of Computer Technology, has been named in an illustrious list of Britain’s 100 most influential movers and shakers of the 21st century.

The list, published by The Sunday Times, includes scientists, artists, architects, sports people and politicos.

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Further NTP related changes

With the new routers, Lab machines lost the ability to NTP probe machines on the internet, as we lost stateful UDP reflexive rules.
With the recent NTP amplification attacks, we have added rules which mean that machines on the internet cannot NTP probe most Lab machines (our NTP servers should still be accessible).
Peerings (where source and destination ports are both 123) should still work.

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Professor Andy Hopper named one of the UK’s 100 leading practising scientists

Andy Hopper, Professor of Computer Technology and Head of Department, has been named in the Science Council’s list of the country’s 100 leading practising scientists.

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Computer Laboratory lecturers awarded Pilkington Prizes

Lecturers Dr Alastair Beresford and Dr Andrew Rice have been awarded Pilkington Prizes for excellence in teaching.

The Pilkington Teaching Award recognises excellence and innovation in teaching, making a significant impact on the student learning experience.

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Developer Contest – Travel Apps

Prizes worth a total of £2,800 are up for grabs!

The Stride Project is looking for developers interested in travel and transport to build fun, useful and innovative applications using data from our information hub. So we’ve launched a contest to encourage developers to access our hub, with a winning cash prize of £750 and a runner-up cash prize of £250. In addition, the winning team will receive two free tickets, worth £1,800, to The Personal Information Economy event in London. Access to the hub, and entry into the contest, is free.

We’re keen to see submissions from students at school and university, from independent developers, and from companies.

Further details are available on the Stride Developer Contest Website.

Deadline for entries is Sunday 9th March.

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Purge of unused VLAN 100 IP addresses

As part of a campaign to clear the use of the original lab subnet, IP address on VLAN 100 in the subnet which are believed not to have not been used for a year have been removed from the DNS. Further pruning is likely in future. If you believe an address has been retired but is still needed, please email sys-admin

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