Royal Society publishes new report on cybersecurity research

The Royal Society has published a new report on cybersecurity research.

Professor Andy Hopper, co-chair of the working group who wrote the report, said “We are entrusting more and more information about ourselves to digital systems and that is shifting the balance between personal security and national security. Although ‘backdoors’ into devices and systems can help security services, they also increase the opportunities for criminals to break in. As the stakes for individuals get higher, they may be less likely to accept this trade-off. This also means we may want oversight of cybersecurity to be in the hands of more open and transparent public bodies. The government is already taking welcome steps towards greater openness, but the UK should consider whether it should go further in the future.”

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slogin server partial upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

Subsequent to the move of slogin-serv to Ubuntu 14.04, another server has been added, which runs Ubuntu 16.04, accessible as, which has been in service for a while now without any reported problems. It is now being added to the pool, so users may get Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04. The hope is that it should not matter, and when we are confident that 16.04 is suitable, the pool will move to being just 16.04.
If you find something which requires 14.04, please connect to and email the details to sys-admin

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Professor Andy Hopper receives the ACM Sigmobile Test-of-Time Award

Professor Andy Hopper has received the ACM Sigmobile Test-of-Time award for “The active badge location system.”

The paper is joint work with Roy Want, Veronica Falcao and Jonathan Gibbons.

The SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time awards recognize papers that have had a sustained and significant impact in the SIGMOBILE community over at least a decade.


The award was presented to Professor Andy Hopper at ACM MobiSys on June 29th, in Singapore.

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Mariana Marasoiu receives honourable mention at EuroVis 2016

Mariana Marasoiu has received an honourable mention at EuroVis 2016 for ‘Clarifying Hypotheses by Sketching Data’.

The paper is joint work with Alan Blackwell, Advait Sarkar and Martin Spott.

Mariana is a member of the Rainbow Graphics & Interaction Group under the supervision of Professor Alan Blackwell.

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Video available of 2016 Wheeler Lecture

The video of this year’s Wheeler Lecture is now available. If you were unable to attend the lecture, or you wish to hear it again, then we hope you will find this useful. The video and audio are also available to download from the Streaming Media Service.

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International Summer School on Metaprogramming

Jeremy Yallop and Ohad Kammar have organised an International Summer School on Metaprogramming.

The summer school will be held at Robinson College from 8-12th August.

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new slogin-new – consider using slogin-serv

The service name ‘‘ is used for the newest slogin pilot or service for the department (see Time Sharing Syetsms).
A new system is in development, so anyone wanting to use the previous ‘new’ server sandy should use (using ssh user keys) or sandy (using Kereberos). TGT server users should check their configuration files.

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Jingyun Zhang wins CAPE Acorn Post-graduate Research Award 2016

PhD student Jingyun Zhang has won a CAPE Acorn Post-graduate Research Award 2016 for a joint project with Lu Bai.

The project, The Digital Distributed Antenna System (DDAS) over Internet Protocol (IP), is one of three to receive the CAPE Acorn Award.

Jingyun Zhang is a member of the Systems Research Group under the supervision of Dr Andrew Moore.

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Wheeler Lecture 2016

The Wheeler lecture for 2016 will be given by Dr. Andrew Herbert on Wednesday 25th May. The programme is now available, and registration is open if you wish to attend.

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University of Cambridge wins both individual and team gold at national cybersecurity competition

Dr Frank Stajano launched and hosted the Inter-ACE Cyberchallenge, a hacking competition between the country’s GCHQ-recognized Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR).

The event was run on April 23rd at the Computer Laboratory, in partnership with Facebook.

Ten of the 13 ACE-CSRs sent a team of four students to Cambridge. In parallel, an individual competition was also run online for students who were not in their ACE’s team.

Cambridge won both individual and team gold. The winning team comprised Stella Lau, Will Shackleton, Cheng Sun, Gábor Szarka. The winner of individual gold was Dimitrije Erdeljan. All are undergraduates at the Computer Laboratory.

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