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Previous Versions

  • V1.8.6
    • Code cleanup.
    • Added overall (S-m257) meter on page load.
  • V1.8.5
    • Bug fixes.
    • Started additions to pass HTML Validation.
    • Now uses coverage fields from data in tree and table.
    • Now indexes daily meter data.
    • Ignores S-m27 (SE18 meter) for release.
  • V1.8
    • Plots no longer jump colours on sensor changes.
    • Added months for which node averages were calculated into tree text.
    • Added Google Chrome Frame banner for IE users.
    • Added colour swatches in table.
    • Added simple caching of sensor files.
  • V1.7
    • Added support for displaying previous months data as well as the current month.
    • Tidied up the UI, split the time and date below and above the main graph panel.
  • V1.6
    • Added increased number of plots to be displayed, and general code and UI tweaks.
  • V1.5
    • Added ability for Average nodes to display summation of all nodes beneath them.
  • V1.4
    • Added Average nodes into the exploration tree.