Computer Laboratory

Information for Windows users

Establishing a VPN connection to the Lab


All recent Windows versions allow you to create a "Virtual Private Network" to the Lab's Windows domain. This allows you to direct traffic into the Lab's protected network as a "trusted user"; you have to type your password to authenticate yourself.


You need:

  • A Lab account, and to be a member of the unix group VPN. By default membership of this group is not given when accounts are created. You should therefore request access to the VPN by mailing win-admin.
  • A connection to the internet already established on your computer. (Any internet connection will do: it is possible, though not very useful, to connect from a managed Lab machine via a VPN.)

You don't need a privileged account on your computer.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Open the Control Panel then 'Network and Sharing Centre'. Click on 'Set up a new wireless connection or network' and then select 'Connect to a workplace

Select connection

you should then select 'Connect to a workplace'

select VPN

click on Next and then select the top option - to connect using an existing Internet connection

use existing connection

add the internet address as ' and give a suitable namne, check the option to allow others to sue the connection and then click Next.

configure connection parameters

you are then prompted to add your credentials and to connect.

Controlling the connection

The connection is accessible via the task-bar icon (if it's currently active), via the Start menu, or via "Network and Dial-up Connections", from the Control Panel.

Disconnect the session by right-clicking on any of the items (it doesn't matter which), and selecting "Disconnect".

Reconnect the session by right-clicking any item you can find, and selecting "Connect". You will have to type your password again.