Computer Laboratory

Information for Windows users

Anti-virus software

Client installation

Client software is available for Windows 9x, NT and XP. Lab installed machine should have the software installed as part of the standard setup procedure. They are configured to pull new copies of the DAT files every day from a server in the Computing Service. If you have a laptop which you regularly travel with and connect to a LAN elsewhere then you should mail to win-admin to ask for it to be configured to collect the DAT file less often.

The configuration information for a workstation is visible to the user via the tooltray. The icon is a shield and if you right click on it then a menu will appear. The item About will bring up a dialog box telling you version number and date of the Virus definition file it is using. If this file is more than a month old then please contact win-admin. The "Status" item will tell you how many files have been scanned and viruses found. The "Exit" item will allow you to turn off virus protection. Do not do this unless you are running a program which is severely impacted by the virus scanning process. In any case you should first ensure that all binaries that will run when it is turned off have been pre-scanned.

If a virus is found then you will be alerted to this fact and unable to open the file. A message will be sent to the administrators as well. The standard setup in the Lab is for files to be scanned on access and for regular scans of the local disc to be carried out as well. You may see a dialog box pop up telling you that a scan is in progress, these scans can take a long time but you can safely interrupt them. It would be helpful if you could try to let one run once a every week or two as a minimum.

Managment Console Setup

The anti-viral software is centrally administered via ePolicy Orchestrator which runs on the server SWINDON. This is used to install the software on new machines and also runs a nightly job to ensure that workstations update their DAT files.

DAT updates for the workstations are automatic and use a FTP server in the Computing Service via anonymous FTP. This server mirrors the Network Associates area. All workstation poll this machine daily. The polling time is currently randomised over the early morning of working days.

Known problems

  • Activity Log access error when using Outlook - Under Properties/Security/USERS for 'WebEmail.txt' only 'Read & Execute' and 'Read' are allowed, this needs to be changed to give write access to authenticated users.