Computer Laboratory

Information for Mac OS X users

VPN connectivity

Those requiring access to an internal Lab VLAN need to then connect via a VPN. To create a VPN under OS X you need to be running Jaguar or later. A VPN is no longer needed to access your files or to print, unless you are accessing the facilities from the wireless network. Most users should not need to set this up.

If you need access to other resources form a MAC then proceed as follows:-

  1. open the Internet Connection application from the Applications folder
  2. select Use VPN from the 'File' menu and fill in the window as shown below

  3. set the Server address to
  4. under User name add your CRSID (standard CL login name)
  5. add the password to the Password field
  6. decide if you want to keep this information on the keychain
  7. click on Connect

Access is only available if you have requested and been granted permission to use the VPN service. You can check this by looking to see if you are a member of the group VPN when logged in to a CL workstation. Please ensure your system is virus-protected and that its operating system is patched up to date.