Computer Laboratory

Self-service DVD/CD archive

Using the archive workstations

The machines are located in the GE11 alcove.

Please note that it is illegal to copy commercial discs – do not use this facility so to do.

The machines have scratch space to hold a temporary image. Please ensure that you clear files out of this directory after use, as it is a shared resource.

It seems that writing from remote filesystems (NFS and CIFS) works as the network is fast, and the write buffer large.

Linux use

The ISO image should be created on any Linux machine in the usual way using k3b (GUI) or mkisofs (command line) such as

$ mkisofs -r -J -hide-joliet-trans-tbl -o img.iso src-dir

See also some notes on burning disks.

It can then be written to a CD using using

$ sudo cdrecord img.iso

or a DVD (can re-write DVD+RW, but not DVD-RW) using

$ sudo writedvdimage img.iso

There are still some 2 GB (2147483648 B, 2097152 KB, 2048 MB) and 4 GB (4294967296 B, 4194304 KB, 4096 MB) restrictions on file sizes, so take care to use utilities which set O_LARGEFILE if DVD images are to be manipluated. ftp, cp and wget work, but copy fails (use ftp’s reget command or wget -c to complete the transfer). Consider writing the image to /anfs/bigtmp/ if there isn’t sufficient space to create the image on the local system.

Windows XP use

After you login there is an icon on the desktop called NeroStartSmart.
Double click this to access a very basic and easy to use GUI to burn your data.

Report any problems to [Javascript required].