Computer Laboratory

Mobile Access to Services

This page contains useful information for those wishing to access services over GPRS networks. The recommended carrier is Vodafone although others should work.

GPRS connection settings

The best way to setup your phone is to go to the phone vendors website and get a GPRS configuration text sent to your phone. These are available for Nokia, Sony-Ericsson generic information of the settings for Vodafone can be found at an expansys forum.

Email to Hermes

For most users the simplest way to receive email remotely as well as when in the Laboratory is to store their email on the Computer Service hermes mailserver. This provides an IMAP services as well as Web based browsing facilites. To access this service from a Mobile Phone or GPRS connected device you need to configure the Mail client to access over a secure (SSL) connection. You will then have to associate the usename and password with this. You should set the SMTP server to be again over SSL. Email can then be collected and processed from your phone. You should ensure you have set up the download options to minimise data traffic.

Email to the Computer Laboratory

To access email on the Microsoft Exchange server you need to either use a GPRS or Wireless connection to the or other access point as Active Sync works over https.