Computer Laboratory

Using Private Laptops in the Computer Laboratory

This page contains information for current members of the Computer Laboratory explainging how to integrate their laptop with local services and networks.

Obtaining Network Access




See Information about printing in the department for an overview of the printing facilities available. Most printers can be used by private machines whilst they are in the building.

  • Windows users can find out how to setup printers which can be accessed from any network within the Computer Laboratory building.
  • Mac users should either be able to use Bonjour or make a direct connection to the server, see here.
  • Linux users can often use the CUPS server directly although this may require you to change a configuration file in order to print elsewhere.

File Space

  • See Background information about file storage in the laboratory to help understand what is available and how you might usefully use that space form your laptop.
  • Access to files using WebDAV is the easiest mechanism for most private machines and will work both within the department and elsewhere.