University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                      Secretary: Mrs K Ellis


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Tuesday 20th December 2005 in room GC22, William Gates Building


Present:          Mrs A Barreto                 Dr P Brooks                          Mr I Burton-Palmer     

                        Mrs K Ellis                      Mrs M Levitt                         Mr M McDonnell        

                        Mrs C Matthews                                                         


Apologies:      Mr D Cottingham, Mr M Kuhn, Mrs R Moss


1.      Minutes of the last meeting

1.1    There was a correction to the previous minutes.  4.1 “Scolded” should have read “Scalded”.


1.2    The minutes of the meeting held on the 15th November were approved and signed.


2.      Matters arising from the previous minutes



3.      Correspondence

3.1    PB reported there are new University Meningococcal Meningitis Guidelines held in GC05.


3.2    PB also reported on current University Courses being run.  IBP and MMcD said they were going to look into the Protecting Patrollers Course.


4.      First Aid and Accidents

NR061: A member of the University Centre from West’s cut her finger quite badly.  A first aider was called and a dressing was applied.  It was recommended she go to Hospital to be checked out.


NR062:  An Undergraduate Student had to stop suddenly falling from her bike and hitting a fence.  The bike hit her lower abdomen and she sought a first aider when she reached the WGB.  It was recommended she contact her GP.


5.      Workplace Assessments

5.1    A tilting chair has been requested after completing a risk assessment form.  IBP reported the user is very happy.


6.      Fire

6.1    There is now a new RED emergency bag held in the bicycle store.  It was decided that MMcD would generate an email to everyone on the Emergency Contacts List, and any senior members of staff who might take control in a n emergency.


7.      Building Matters

7.1    There are ongoing problems with the water in the building.  IBP reported the hot water services are currently coming out of the cold water taps in some parts of the building.  Most of the work is now complete but MMcD and IBP will continue to monitor the temperatures in accordance with L8 water hygiene documentation.




7.2    We now have a new set of sliding doors in the front of the building and the card readers will be lowered for wheel chair access.  IBP reported the second set of doors will be completed after Christmas.  PB was concerned about the fire procedures relating to the doors and IBP said he would find out more about the break glass/emergency exit procedure. 



7.3    The Lab had its annual Supporters Club Recruitment Fair on the 30th November and it was reported that although there were a lot of people in the building, people could still move freely along the street.


7.4    IBP/MMcD reported the cladding of the internal stairs and landings in the Atrium has problems with accounts and the bank getting things set up correctly.   The exterior balcony work is still pending, awaiting EMBS to arrive and carry out the works due.



8.      West Cambridge Site

8.1    MAL reported after the last West Cambridge Site Users Meeting it was agreed that Andrew Gordon (EMBS) would look into the ongoing concern about driver’s vision when coming from our Car Park to get to JJ Thomson Avenue.


8.2    The construction of the cycleway behind the building in underway.  


8.3    The development with the buses on the West Cambridge Site is now uncertain.


9.      Any Other Business


Dates of the future meetings:


Next year’s meetings will be: 17th January, 21st February, 21st March, 18th April, 16th May,

20th June (in another room), 18th July and 15th August, 19th September, 17th October, 21st November and 19th December 2006