University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Secretary: Mrs C Matthews


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Tuesday 15th November 2005 in room GC22, William Gates Building


Present:††††††††† Mrs A Barreto ††††††††††††††† Mrs F Billingsley††††††††††††††††††† Dr P Brooks

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mr I Burton-Palmer†††††††† Mr D Cottingham †††††††††††††††† Mr M Kuhn

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mrs M Levitt†††††††††††††††††† Mr M McDonnell††††††††††††††††† Mrs C Matthews†††††††††

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mrs R Moss†††††††††††††††††††


Apologies: †††† Mrs K Ellis


1.††††† Minutes of the last meeting

†††††††† The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th September were approved and signed.


2.††††† Matters arising from the previous minutes

†††††††† None


3.††††† Correspondence

3.1††† The University Counselling Service now offers a Service to staff who have had a traumatic event and work related stress.† These will be passed back to those concerned with Personnel matters to be fed back to staff as necessary.


4.††††† First Aid and Accidents

4.1††† PB reported a member of staff whose certificate from a previous employment had lapsed and wanted to re-train but this was not approved by the HSD due to lack of funds.


NR058: A member of staff from the canteen scolded her hand while pouring hot coffee. A first aider was called and her hand was placed under cold water.† Her hand healed well with no further complications.


NR059:† A first aider was called to a person complaining of chest pains.† He was taken to the First Aid Room and Mr A King was contacted for advice.† By the time he arrived with his equipment the casualty had calmed down and the readings soon returned to normal.† It was recommended he visit his GP.


NR060:† A PhD Student had been complaining of stomach pains and feeling sick.† They were taken to rest in the First Aid Room.


5.††††† Workplace Assessments

5.1††† There gave been a fair number of requests for non standard equipment to avoid ULD concerns.


6.††††† Fire

6.1††† The Evac + Chair training took place on the 24th October.† Most people found it very useful and gained confidence by actually pushing people down the stairs.†






6.2††† MMcD reported the Practice Evacuation we had cleared the building in four minutes and was very happy with that.† DC said there was confusion from the Fire Wardens upstairs as to whether to report to the front or back of the building.† MMcD will talk to them and another practice evacuation will be organised.



†††††††† It was also reported that someone on the balcony didnít hear the alarm.† Defensor have been called to quote to extend the speakers to the balcony areas.


6.3††† MMcD and IBP have now found a more suitable assembly point at the back of the Student Accommodation Area.† The Custodian said he has some storage rooms with enough capacity for approximately 300 people.† Should the storage space become unavailable it was noted that this was still a suitable area for an assembly point.


7.††††† Building Matters

7.1††† A complaint had been raised about the sanitary bins in the ladies toilets.† MMcD is confident that the bins are now being emptied on a regular basis and it was thought the smell involved could have been the chemicals they use in the bins.


7.2††† Visitor Leaflets are now in reception.† Transparencies have been made for all meeting rooms so they can be shown on the OHPís when necessary.† IBP will also laminate more copies to be placed in the meeting rooms.



7.3††† It has now been confirmed the Department will not be taking part in the Cambridge Science Festival and so no further action is needed.


8.††††† West Cambridge Site

8.1††† There was a brief report on the West Cambridge Safety Committee Meeting.


8.2 †† There is a West Cambridge Site Users Meeting on the 16th November.† There has been ongoing concern about driverís vision when coming from our Car Park to get to JJ Thomson Avenue.† MAL agreed to mention this at the meeting and will report back.



9.††††† Any Other Business

9.1††† DC asked about the balconies being closed.† It was reported that they are closed because the wood is bowing and therefore needed some extra support.† EMBS were due to start this week but havent started yet.


Dates of the future meetings:


The last meeting will be on the 20 th December 2005.†


Next yearís meetings will be: 17th January, 21st February, 21st March, 18th April, 16th May,

20th June (in another room), 18th July and 15th August, 19th September, 17th October, 21st November and 19th December 2006