University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                                  Secretary: Mrs K Ellis


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Tuesday 20th September 2005 in room GC22, William Gates Building


Present:          Mrs A Barreto                 Mrs F Billingsley                    Dr P Brooks

                        Mr I Burton-Palmer         Mrs K Ellis                            Mrs M Levitt   

                        Mr M McDonnell            Mrs C Matthews                   Mrs R Moss


Apologies:      Mr D Cottingham


1.      Minutes of the last meeting

         The minutes of the meeting held on the 19th July were approved and signed.


2.      Matters arising from the previous minutes



3.      Correspondence

3.1    PB reported on correspondence he had received relating to Mercury Monitoring Courses and Class 3B/4 Laser user training.  It was thought that these don’t have any relevance to our department.


3.2    PB also reported the Health and Safety Office have moved premises.


4.      First Aid and Accidents

NR057: A PhD student slipped their foot off the pedal from their bike and grazed their leg.  A first aider was called and the PhD student was cleaned up.


5.      Workplace Assessments

5.1    IBP reported the risk assessment for the decking is now complete.


5.2    RA templates have been reviewed and can now be found on-line.


5.3    PB received more feedback from Occupational Health.  The user has improved.  The feedback is much appreciated. 


5.4    PB and FB told the committee that the Undergraduate (1B) with RSI who degraded last year has returned to the Lab.  FB said there was no further information on this as yet.


6.      Fire

6.1    There is now a training day on the 24th October for the Evac + Chair.  MMcD said there would be 4 people in a group and each group would have a 1 hour session.  It was thought to have 11 people so far.



6.2    There has been no progress on finding an assembly point under cover, ¼ mile away.  IBP and MMcD decided MMcD would contact a colleague from the Cavendish Laboratory to see if we could use one of their areas.


6.3    MMcD contacted the Fire Office to ask them about the policy on Fire regulations to external room hirers and it was decided a good idea to prepare a slide/OHP for lecturers to put up in the room so people can see as they come in consisting of large text and simple instructions.  The Fire Office did suggest a fire warden be present when external room hirers are in the building and the committee agreed that this should be done when practical.


6.4    IBP reported the fire alarm system will need to replace all 8 old boards as time goes on but only 4 have been changed to date.  Defensor are going to try a system of running them on a lower voltage to prolong the life of the units that we are using.


7.      Building Matters

7.1    IBP/MMcD have designed and put up the notices on the First Aid Room Door.


7.2    IBP suggested instead of visitor leaflets have something put on the front desk for all visitors to see.  The committee decided that it would also be useful to put up an A4 notice in all meeting room notice boards.  IBP will also resize and format this information so it can also go on a slide so it can be used for Lecture Theatres and Seminar Rooms.



7.3    The Cambridge Science Festival will be coming to the building in March 2006.  The committee discussed extra awareness, security and fire procedures.  PB will discuss this further with jms213.



7.4    MMcD reported all the decking has now been cleaned and there are signs saying (“Please be careful when wet”) and white lines on all edges of decking when stepping down.


8.      West Cambridge Site



9.      Any Other Business



Dates of the future meetings:


The next meeting will be on 15th November and the 20th December. 




Please note that the OCTOBER Meeting will be cancelled as there is a Syndicate Meeting.