University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                                  Secretary: Mrs K Ellis


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Tuesday 19th July 2005 in room GC22, William Gates Building


Present:          Mrs F Billingsley              Mr I Burton-Palmer               Mrs K Ellis

                        Dr P Brooks                    Mr D Cottingham                  Dr M Kuhn

                        Mrs M Levitt                   Mr M McDonnell                  Mrs C Matthews         

                        Mrs R Moss


Apologies:      Mrs A Barreto                 Mr A Wonfor


1.      Minutes of the last meeting

1.1    There was a correction to the previous minutes.  “Lucy Heptonstall for her work as a clerk” should have read. “Lucy Heptonstall for her work as clerk”.


1.2    The minutes of the meeting held on the 17th May were approved and signed.


2.      Matters arising from the previous minutes



3.      Correspondence

3.1    PB reported on correspondence he had received relating to the Nano Materials and a Safety Management Introduction Conference.


3.2    The Computing Service will be running Accessibility Clinics on the 6th and 27th September.  If anyone is interested please contact them direct.


4.      First Aid and Accidents

NR056: A visitor fell from the decking in the Courtyard.  She was stepping down from the decking onto the path when she fell onto her face, injuring her lip.  First Aiders were called and the visitor was taken to Hospital.


4.1    PB reported on the Annual First Aid Conference.  It was thought that the session went very well.


4.2    The committee discussed the MPhil Student with ME.  He has decided it’s too much for him at present but will return next year and may want to access the first aid room.  First Aiders must be aware of who is in the first aid room at all times and should check on the patient regularly.


4.3    The department received the new University Food Safety Policy.  External caterers must be Local Authority registered.  When accepting a booking we need to receive confirmation by email or in writing that they will follow the University Policy.  A copy of this can be found on the University Website.


         The department has explicit exemption for using the BBQ for private gatherings.


5.      Workplace Assessments

5.1    The department has had its first work experience student for 2 weeks.  MAL produced a programme where he could get involved in different areas of the building.  Risk Assessments were done using the appropriate guidelines because he was under the minimum school leaving age. We must remember that work experience students are minors and therefore we have an extra duty of care towards them.  We will need to override certain normal restrictions (e.g. children above ground floor in the street).  MAL reported this was a success and it is likely that the department will be taking part in this again.


5.2    A Risk Assessment for the decking in the courtyard has been drawn up in written format.  IBP suggested Building Services would make up some signs.  (Please be careful when wet).  They also suggested putting white lines on the edges when stepping down.  The committee agreed.



5.3    PB received full feedback from Occupational Health on an RSI recent problem.  Please inform PB of any known cases so he can watch for further feedback.


5.4    PB told the committee that the MPhil with the doctor’s note about RSI has been given Dragon Dictate which is software for speech recognition.


6.      Fire

6.1    It was decided in the last meeting that the notice for wheel clamping on the front doors would be changed because of legal reasons.  IBP suggested that the notices be removed.


6.2    The Fire Warden Training Course was held on the 29th June.  Not as many turned up but on the whole a very successful event.  It was thought that not everything on the course was specific to our building.  CM suggested an in-house warden training session.  It was then thought we should have a session run by MMcD after the Evacuation Practice.


6.3    MMcD reported we still need fire wardens on the First Floor Central.  It was suggested 1 or 2 wardens could do extra rooms within their area.  He also reported the building will be having a practice evacuation soon. 


         IBP said he is still waiting for Fire Risk assessments from AW and RM then the log book is complete of information required.


6.4    MMcD is to organise a training session with the fire wardens on how to use the Evac + Chair.



6.5    Temporary arrangements have been made with the Vet School to use their front area as an assembly point if the building experiences a Bomb Alert.  The Vet School would also be able to use our front area for the same purposes


6.6    It was thought that the building still need to find a suitable assembly point under cover that must be ¼ mile away.  A possibility was the Cavendish Laboratory and IBP will contact them.

         ACTION: IBP


6.7    After discussion it was decided the department should look into the policy on Fire Regulations to external room hirers.  MMcD will contact the Fire Office to discuss the best way to let people know what happens in an event of a fire.

         ACTION: MMcD


7.      Building Matters

7.1    It was brought to the committee’s attention that there are students sleeping in areas of the building including the first aid room.  It was noted that Computer Lab policy does not allow sleeping in the building and we would ask the current Head of Department to endorse this.  It was also agreed that people should only access the First Aid Room under the direction of a first aider or senior member of the administration staff.  It was decided IBP and MMcD would put a notice on the first aid room.



7.2    FB reported the Department Open Day went very well and there were no problems.


7.3    The Visitors Handout is still ongoing.



7.4    It was decided that the cardboard recycling would be collected by the cleaners and people have been asked to write rubbish on larger items so the cleaners know to take it.


7.5    PB has received a University notice about hazardous waste.  The department must be careful of the waste items as it now includes computer equipment.  For contacts for disposal, see the note which is now in the Health and Safety filing cabinet.


8.      West Cambridge Site

8.1    The Chairman said there was no Users Meeting this month to report but at the West Cambridge Safety Meeting it was decided that any safety events within the West Cambridge Site will be open to anyone, including commercial occupants.


9.      Any Other Business


Dates of the future meetings:


The next meeting will be on 20th September, 18th October, 15th November and the 20th December. 




Please note that the OCTOBER Meeting may be cancelled if there is a Syndicate Meeting.