University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                                  Secretary: Mrs K Ellis


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Tuesday 17th May 2005 in room GC22, William Gates Building


Present:                         Mrs F Billingsley                             Dr M Kuhn

                                       Dr P Brooks                                   Mrs C Matthews

                                       Mr I Burton-Palmer                        Mrs R Moss

                                       Mr D Cottingham                           Mr A Wonfor

                                       Mrs K Ellis                                    


Apologies:                     Mrs A Barreto, Mrs M Levitt, Mr M McDonnell


0.      The chairman thanked Lucy Heptonstall for her work as a clerk and welcomed Kate Ellis back to the meeting.  The chairman also reminded everyone that the day of the meeting has now changed to a Tuesday.


1.      Minutes of the last meeting

         The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th April were approved and signed.


2.      Matters arising from the previous minutes



3.      Correspondence

3.1    The Departmental Secretary contacted the Head of Department about the Chicane correspondence with EMBS, but hasn’t yet had a replyIt was decided that this matter would be brought up at the next West Cambridge Meeting by AW but there would be no action required for now.


3.2    The SO is running a Pregnancy Briefing on the 19th July.  The University’s risk assessment documentation is very good and any other information required would be on the web.  The committee did not see any need to send anyone to the briefing.


4.      First Aid and Accidents



5.      Workplace Assessments



6.      Fire

6.1    IBP told the Committee that he thought we have nearly met the minimum safety requirements.  MMcD is still looking into fire wardens for the building.  DC expressed concern about us not meeting the legal requirements.  PB said he thought we were meeting the legal requirements but still felt we needed more fire wardens to satisfactory cover the building in the event of a fire.  MMcD still needs to recruit more fire wardens.  All fire wardens are to attend a training course on the 29th June.



6.2    The Fire Safety Log Book is currently up to date and held in reception.  This includes the list of contact details.  IBP reported he has added 3 new folders: Plumbing/Electrical Drawings and Plans which will be held in Reception.  Fire Certificate/Panel Information and Health and Safety Exit Checklist which is held in GW04.


6.3    Tenants have now given IBP their emergency contact details.


6.4    IBP has been trained at an EMBS Fire Managers Course and MMcD has had a refresher.


6.5    An updated version of the Emergency Instructions has now been placed in the lifts.


6.6    A new Visitors Handout is being prepared by IBP.  This will be in the form of a small piece of paper describing emergency procedures.  A map of all three floors will be available as a separate sheet.



6.7    PB reported that legal use of wheel clamps has changed and we are therefore not allowed to do this.  It was suggested that IBP change the notice on the front door amending the current text.



7.      Building Matters

7.1    IBP reported there is now a sheet of wood in Stores which can be used to place over the matted area in the student entrance for trolley access.


8.      West Cambridge Site

8.1    PB reported the date has now been set on the 1st June for the West Cambridge Safety Committee Meeting.


9.      Any Other Business

9.1    The Committee discussed ways of getting the department to do more recycling.  MK said he had asked about more green boxes but Stores are unable to get these anymore.  It was thought that these could made out of box lids but DC thought people within the department wouldn’t make their own.  FB offered to do this. It was agreed that recycling was a building matter rather than just a departmental issue.  IBP will talk to Intel to coordinate their recycling.  LCE and Engineering were already working with the department on this and thought they had sufficient green bins.



Dates of the future meetings:


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19th July, and then after that the 16th August, 20th September,

18th October, 15th November and the 20th December.