University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                        Secretary: Mrs L Heptonstall


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Wednesday 21st July 2004 in Room GC22, William Gates Building.

Present:            Dr P Brooks                             Mrs M Levitt

                        Mrs L Heptonstall                     Mr M McDonnell                    

                        Mr A Brown                            Mr A Wonfor

                        Mr S Bishop


Apologies:        Ms J Cartwright, Mrs C Matthews, Ms V Capaldi, Mrs R Moss, Dr M Kuhn


0.  New members

      The committee welcomed Martin McDonnell as a new member.


1.      Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on the 16th June were approved and signed having corrected the error mentioned in item 2.1.

2.      Matters arising from the Minutes
MAL pointed out a typing error in section 3.

3.  Correspondence


4   First Aid and Accidents

4.1The final draft of the Safety Audit is now available on the website.


5.  Workplace Assessments 


5.1 The extended version of the WPA is now available on the web and the campaign started. PB pointed out that this new system will be an ideal way of knowing if people coming to study here have any special needs.


6  Fire


6.1 PB presented to the committee information from the EMBS FSU document and the change of fire policy. Its main substance is that the FSU appears to have bought Evac Chairs to help certain people with mobility problems out if the  University Buildings. This appears to have been done without liason with the Dept FSM,s so there has been no assessment as to whether they are appropriate. The chairs need annual servicing, which the FSU will not be organising or doing themselves.







6.2 It appears that the basic Fire Strategy of our building is not inline with the 1999 Code of Practise as specified in BS 5588-8 in that it stipulates that it is the responsibility of the managers of the building to evacuate everyone. PB has contacted the FSU to clarify what changes are needed. It also appears that we should have telephones installed in the refuges, as we specified to the architects at the early planning stage of the building, but they said that a push-button panel system should be used.


6.3 SB asked when the fire practise was due to take place. AB confirmed that he was waiting for MMcD to be fully trained in his position as FSM before the practise takes place. He apologised for the delay, he is now just waiting for the Fire Safety Unit to come back with available training dates.


7. Building Matters

7.1 A new student who is paraplegic will soon be using the WGB. AB and PB have done a inspection of the lecture theatres and noted that 2 desks in each theatre can be removed to allow him easy access and a good view. PB also went around the building with Lise Gough and she pointed out areas he will be using. PB noted that he’d probably need someone with him when moving around the building, as many of the doors are stiff and heavy. It may be useful for him to have access to a bell push for the reception doorbell in case there are times when he wants to enter the building during office hours while not accompanied. It was discussed whether an entry phone could be fixed at the main entrance if required.


8. West Cambridge Site

8.1 SB reported to the committee how on two occasions he had seen skips being left outside West’s Café on JJ Thomson Avenue. AB said that he had spoken to Andrew Merrick who had apologised on behalf of the Council who accepted responsibility and said it would not happen again. SB reported it had happened again since then, so AB is to contact Andrew again.


9. Any Other Business


Dates of the future meetings
It was decided that due to a large number of staff being on holiday that August’s meeting will be cancelled. Therefore the next meeting will be on the 15 September.

Then follows -  20 October, 17 November, 15 December.