University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Health and Safety Committee


Chairman: Dr P Brooks                                                                        Secretary: Mrs L Heptonstall


Minutes of a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee held at 14.15 on Wednesday 21st April 2004 in Room GC22, William Gates Building.

Present:            Dr P Brooks                             Ms J Cartwright

                        Mrs L Heptonstall                     Mrs R Moss

                        Mrs M Levitt                            Mr A Brown

                        Mr A Wonfor                           Mrs C Matthews                     

                        Mrs A Barreto                         


Apologies:        Dr M Kuhn



1.      Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on the 17th March were approved and signed.

2.      Matters arising from the Minutes

3.      Correspondence

4.      First Aid and Accidents
4.1 One new accident form (NR040) had been received for a minor scrape that happened whilst cycling to the lab.

4.2 EMBS have inspected the place where NRO36 had her accident and reported that it was not a trip hazard.


5.      Workplace Assessments
MAL reported that after having seen her GP about wrist pains, she went to

   Occupational Health who arranged six physiotherapy sessions under a new scheme.


6.      Fire
6.1 A Wonfor contacted Joseph Gordon re Stage 1 Aisk Assessment Form and

   has filled this out and returned it. Other groups will do similarly in due course.


7.      Building Matters


8.      West Cambridge Site
It was reported that the reason the Citi 8 bus route had been temporarily diverted was because physics deemed it unsafe for the buses to do a 3 point turn in the middle of the road.

9.      Any Other Business

10.      Date of the next meeting
19 May, 16 June, 21 July, 18 August, 15 September, 20 October, 17 November, 15 December