University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Minutes of the 105th Health and Safety Committee Meeting

Held on Wednesday the 19th November 2003 in GC22


Present:†††††††††† P Brooks (chairman) L Heptonstall (secretary) M Kuhn, A Barreto,

††††††††††††††††††††††† C Bean, M Levitt, G Titmus.

Apologies:††††† R Moss, A Brown, A Wonfor, J Cartwright, S Bishop.


1.      Items for any other business:



2.      Any corrections to previous minutes:



3.      Accidents and matters arising from accident reports

It is the responsibility of the University if any passers by are injured on University Property. It appears that in many cases incidents are only discovered if they happen to ask for First Aid.


4.      Personal and workplace assessment referral forms.

These are still being returned, no serious concerns being raised.


5.      Matters arising from previous minutes.

5.1             Key Holders

AB is still waiting for names. He will follow up.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Action: AB

5.2             First Aid Room

††††††††††† Tiles to be fitted before dispensers can be fitted.

††††††††††† Action: AB

5.3             Fire

Holdbacks have not been fitted in Intel kitchen. †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Action: AB

5.4             (5.5) Intel Teaching Lab

Signs are ready and notices should go out soon.

††††† Action: MAL/LG/FB

5.5             (6.1) Door handles.

Wait for AB to return to update us on whether the door handles on 2nd floor can be repaired.

††††††††††† Action: AB

5.6             (7.4) Fire Detection Heads

Testing is being carried out. Any not working will not be replaced until chiller system is finished, as there may be further water damage when the valves are serviced.

Action: AB




5.7             (7.5) Car Park

It was agreed that "visitors/drop off" car park area signs need to be made a lot clearer. Policy is to be established and reception informed of what to tell visitors when they ask.

Action: IML

5.8             (7.9) Safety Audit

A report of the results of the Safety Audit should be available shortly. PB is to inform us when they are. (Afternote: done)


5.9             (7.11) Pigeons

Pigeons are still a problem. AB is to look into hiring the falconer again.

Action: AB

6.      Any other Business



7.      Correspondence

7.1             Cleaners

It has been noticed that the cleaners are still not using the right protective equipment whilst emptying bins. MAL is to speak to Lynn and find out why.

Action: MAL

7.2             Students with disabilities

A visually impaired student has joined the lab. The department was unaware of his disability. There was discussion as to whether there was a way around this so that we were more prepared. At the moment there is no way of doing this and it is up to the student themselves whether they bring this to our attention prior to their arrival.


7.3             Food and Drink

No hot food is to be taken into offices. The only areas that hot food are to be eaten is the cafe, the cafe lounge and the common room. MAL to speak to IML re notices that should go up.

Action: MAL


7.4             Fridges

Members of the lab are concerned that the departmentís fridges are getting very full causing the doors not to close properly and the food to go off. It was suggested that the cleaners remove everything from fridges at regular intervals.

Action: AB to talk to cleaners


7.5             Shredder

The shredder bins are not being emptied. AB to speak to cleaners to see if this can become part of their daily routine.

Action: AB





7.6             Signage

Several building users have voiced concerns regarding the West Cambridge Site main direction sign that prevents users of the WGB car park and Microsoft Research from having a clear view of JJ Thomson. The problem is worsened by the row of low-level bushes that prevent drivers from viewing JJ Thomson Avenue when approaching the junction. This concern was raised at the Site Administrators meeting on 7th November and the problems were noted without a specific action.

Action: MAL to contact Andy Gordon

7.7             Street Lighting

It has been reported that JJ Thomson Avenue is very poorly lit after dark with few, widely spaced, dim street lamps. This was made worse by the fact that some of the lamps were not working (Afternote: fixed). Some building users are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. This issue was recently raised at the Site Administrators meeting with regards to security.

Action: MAL to report further concerns back to Site Administrators meeting


7.8             Speed limits on JJ Thomson Avenue

Concerns have been raised regarding the speed of some vehicles on JJ Thomson Avenue. The site speed limit is 25MPH but very poorly signed. The Site Administrators meeting on 7th November has minuted this as "more signage needed". It has also been reported that on some occasions the new C8 bus has been traveling at an inappropriate speed. The matter should be reconsidered when the new signage is in place.


7.9             Cyclist safety

Many of the cycle and footpaths around the West Cambridge Site are poorly lit.† Several users have expressed concerns and have suggested that more low-level lighting could be installed. An important issue is that standard bike lights are designed to make other road/path users aware of the cyclist and are not particularly good at illuminating the path ahead. Lighting would help identify obstructions and other hazards.

Action: MAL to pass concerns on to the Site Administrators meeting.


Date of next meeting: 17th December.

Meetings for 2004: 21st January, 18th February, 17th March, 21st April, 19th May, 16th June,

21st July, 18th August, 15th September, 20th October, 17th November, 15th December.